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About Strathwood Publishing


Strathwood began publishing and distributing books in 1999, so far we have released over one-hundred and fifty titles on railway subjects for the railway enthusiast.

We have a further ninety plus titles in preparation and are always interested in hearing from new picture contributors or those wishing to sell their negatives or slides from the 1950s through to the 1970s.

For a friendly chat about this or anything else, please give us a call on 01463 234004.

What some of our customers have said about us:

"I recently received my first order from your company and was impressed with the care taken with the packaging to ensure the books arrived safely". - Ian Paxton

"I just received my order from Strathwood today and I really felt that I just wanted to say a big thank you for the packaging of the books.  I'm sick of returning books to the likes of Amazon which have been damaged by packaging totally unsuitable (i.e. flopping-around in a box too big) for the task and clearly packed by someone with zero interest in carrying out a good job.  My books from you arrived pristine and undamaged, bubble wrapped and in a proper stiff book box, correctly sized and packed for the task and clearly done so with pride!  In addition the delivery schedule was prompt, even taking into account the current situation.  Excellent service and top marks for your dedication to the task.  Whilst I'm here I wanted to also thank you for the excellent subject matter of your diesel and electric books. I was a teenager in the mid-'70's and travelled to school by train every day in South East Essex on the Fenchurch Street line.  At Southend East every day when we got the train home there was always a parcels train with a Stratford class 31 or 37 on the front.  This is what fired up my interest in railways, not the emu's we travelled on.  This led to a fascination with Deltics and the longing to see a real one, having seen the prototype at the Science Museum.  A trip to KX followed and I was hooked.  Pocket money was saved and regular trips to London ensued including meeting up with an old friend who now lived near Hull.  We would do KX, St Pancras, a trip to Euston (primarily for Collector's Corner) and then a dash over to Paddington, before heading back to St.P and KX.  We lived on Maxpax coffee and those giant Lyons fruit pies.  If funds allowed we would nip over the road at KX to the Wimpy.  Visits to Hull followed along with missions into Botanic Gardens and then my first trip to York.  What an amazing place.  The '70's passed and along came girls, motorbikes and rock music.  Spotting faded away and my last dedicated trip was to see Tulyar depart KX on that freezing January with the last outbound Deltic train.  The railway scene was over, or so I thought!  Occasional visits to the NRM happened and I kept my membership of the Deltic Preservation Society current and it never lapsed.  Many years later, in about 2012 there was a model railway exhibition in our village school. "Why not?" I thought.  Along I went and after nostalgically looking at the model railway stuff for sale I came across a really comprehensive bookstall.  I took a look through and started to come across some really interesting books covering MY BR Blue days.  I came away with one that ticked all my boxes.  It was "Looking back at Deltics" by a Kevin Derrick.  I couldn't put it down.  This guy was speaking my language.  The narrative was like nectar.  The social observations were so spot on I was right there sitting on a BRUTE trolley at York's platform 8 with my duffle bag and my roll of lining paper and big black rubbing wax ready to get a nameplate from the next "Deli".  The minor observations had me wanting more.  I got your Amberley "Seventies spotting days around the Eastern Region" and soaked up the written atmosphere.  Superb!  Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed buying both your books and other authors too.  This time portal back to those teenage days of fun and no responsibility is an oasis of calm in the maelstrom of modern life as a mid-50's year old.  I have bought quite a number of your titles now from Strathwood and they are always on and off the bookshelf for relaxation.  The repro is superb and the quality of both material and editorship is at the top level.  I am always waiting for the next forthcoming titles to be released, you truly have me hooked.  Thank you for unlocking these memories.  Sadly most of my pictures are poor quality taken on a 126 camera and just a few good clear ones at KX with a second hand Zenit 35mm in the twilight of my spotting days. However I am sure your magnificent archive is set to enthral me for many years.  Keep up the good work, keep up the standard and keep bringing me those great books!" - Best wishes Col Pope  

"Just received my order, I must congratulate you on such brilliant service, a pleasure to deal with you. Thanks very much." - Barry Capp

 "I just wanted to let you know that the books have arrived safely here in Townsville, North Queensland. Thank you ever so much for providing such excellent service and value. Take care and all the best." - Karl Cuthbert