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Eighties Spotting Days Out of the Ashes

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Eighties Spotting Days Back to the Ashes

Takes another look back in time as our old favourites were disappearing fast from traffic, they are all here from the humble Class 03 through to the mighty Deltics.

We have chosen some fo the very best and memorable photography once again for this volume as so many of you contacted us to say how much you enjoyed the first volume, so you may not want to waste any time in securing a copy of this book to add to your collection too.

96 pages full colour approx 150 photographs printed on high quality glossy art paper. HARDBACK

" This book collects together a nice varied selection of images, reminding us of a decade not so-long-passed but one that now seems as distant as ever" Railway Modeller October 2012

"very enjoyable" Railways Illustrated May 2012

Each of the 150+ colour photographs within these titles is packed with nostalgia for the 1980s. As larger format 96 page hardbacks they provide a showcase for some of the very best colour photographs taken by those who were there at the time. The captions seek to entertain the reader as well as to describe all the details of the images as we look back at the events of the day with references to personalities, music, television, sport, films etc all adding up to a cracking nostalgic trip back to the 1980s every time.

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