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SOUTHERN ELECTRICS 1948 - 1972 Volume 2




These two exciting volumes lavishly illustrate the Southern Electrics from 1948 to 1972 (last running of the Brighton Belle).

Each of these superb 160 page volumes has been compiled using what we believe are all new black and white photographs previously unpublished. The format is generally one picture to the page in the same style as our popular STEAM'S LAMENT series, combining both first class picture reproduction with the large format to bring out the details.

We have selected the very best photographs to show the subjects in a wide variety of locations and duties from the many thousands that were submitted over many years.

Volume 2 covers the post-war builds and the locomotives, 4-SUB, 2-HAL, 4-DD, 4-EPB, 2-EPB, 2-HAP, 4-CEP, 4-BEP, 4-CIG, 4-BIG, 4-VEP, 4-REP, 3-TC, 4-TC, 8-VAB, MLV, 7-TC, 6-TC, VECTIS, Waterloo & City, also the locomotive Classes 70, 71, 73 & 74.

Volume 1 covers the pre-war built stock, 2-NOL, 2-BIL, 2-HAL, 4-LAV, 2-SL, 2-WIM, 4-SUB, 6-PAN, 6-PUL, 5-BEL, 4-COR, 4-BUF, and the early departmental units.


Each 160 page volume will be limited to 500 copies and priced at £34.95 and will be sure to be a winner with anyone with a soft spot the Southern's EMU fleet.

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